Mathematics? RC Sir. The best and the only one.

My journey started back in class 11. He quickly saw the potential I had and suggested me to sit in the dropper’s batch, so that my entire syllabus is completed within a year; and so it did! Mathematics soon became my strength and I can rely on it even when the paper is tough. While most students get confused, stressed and scared, that’s when I can glide effortlessley through problems!

I also got access to the amazing and giant library of video lectures. When books would confuse me, RC Sir to the rescue! Sir possesses the amazing ability to break down the most complex of concepts in a simple, concise and easy-to-understand way. The concepts are built from ground up; they go from the fundamentals, the very basic, to the levels of JEE-Advanced. All this while, you could never guess if a concept is of a higher level, because of the lucid way it is taught!

Sir personally helped me too; weeks before the first JEE-Mains attempt, I was getting confused: What are the important topics to revise and in what order shall I do them? Thats when he took the matters in his own hands and personally helped me to revise the topics in a smooth way; the important problems I did ended up getting into the actual exam!

The path ahead is full of challenges and difficulties, the strategy is to arm yourself with the skills necessary. If you are willing to study consistently and with discipline, look no further, for you are going to make the best decision your life!






Tanishq Chaudhary
JEE Mains , 2019 Januray Attempt


Thank you Sir!!

I owe my success to Rajesh Sir for my JEE preparation. I am thankful to him for guidance in all three subjects. Sir guided me in all aspects of Mathematics, concepts, doubt solving, he provided me with necessary guidance and support. Sir helped me personally apart from normal teaching hours. His positive attitude helped me to minimize my errors and face JEE boldly. The Video lectures are compact, complete and sufficient. Whenever I had doubts, Sir helped me to clear them. I recommend the future IIT-JEE aspirants to join RC Classes so as to benefit from a very well groomed system. I would really like to thank R.C Sir for my success in JEE exam.

Shreyash Meena
AIR 2732 / (8th Cat.) – JEE Advanced , 2016
AIR 1994 / (4th Cat.) – JEE Mains , 2016

RC Classes have trained thousands of students in the past. Many students wrote their praises for RC Sir. Below testimonials are some of those stories which gives us strength and passion to become even better.

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